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What is Hylomar PL32, SQ32, and Aerograde? What about PL32M, PL32L, and PL32H?

SQ32 was the original name of the R&D program at Rolls Royce that led to the development of Hylomar Universal Blue. PL32 was the original product name, and was available in Medium (PL32M), Light (PL32L), and Heavy (PL32H) grades. Hylomar Aerograde superseded these grades in 1985, but the references were retained in some specifications.

What is the difference between "PL32" vs "Universal Blue"?

Originally there was only one version of Hylomar... which was known as Hylomar PL32 (offered in Light, Medium and Heavy grades). Many years ago there was a brief attempt to consolidate the various grades (Light, Medium and Heavy) under one name which was to be called Hylomar "Universal Blue". However, since so many customer specifications had been written and based on the original name and part number of Hylomar "PL32", the manufacturer decided to re-introduce the original name and part number although they added the prefix "Aerograde" to the original PL32 number. Therefore, the original formula of Hylomar is now offered two different ways.

  1. Hylomar Universal Blue (available only in Medium grade)

  2. Hylomar Aerograde PL32 (available in Light or Medium grades)

  • Both products are the same exact formulation although the Aerograde is the one that is certified to meet Rolls Royce aircraft approval
  • There are also other new formulations of Hylomar that have since been developed (Hylomar Advanced, Hylomar M, Aerograde Ultra). However the two versions above are the original formula and original material. They are just packaged and marketed differently.

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