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INSPECTION OF Lifting and rigging equipment

"TAGGERT GROUP" LLC offers services to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of service of lifting means to ensure the safety of operation during lifting operations. Long-term cooperation with leading European manufacturers of lifting equipment and accumulated experience in working with customers in a wide variety of industries allows us to provide our requisitions with a high level of post-warranty maintenance of supply equipment and third-party lifting equipment audit services.

Maintaining the proper condition of lifting equipment and attentive attitude to the safety of permits is one of the pillars of the European production culture. To prevent accidents related to lifting operations, as well as emergency shutdowns of lifting equipment, enterprises conduct monthly, quarterly and annual inspections with subsequent maintenance. At enterprises in Europe, on an equal footing with the maintenance of hoisting equipment, inspection and rigging equipment is a mandatory procedure during scheduled inspections and is regulated by the relevant regulations.

In Russia, an inspection of lifting equipment is a voluntary measure to improve safety at production facilities and extend the life of products. At the same time, inspection and repair of lifting equipment must comply with both European requirements and the Russian regulatory framework. It makes possible to legalize the further operation of the products on the Russian market by complying with the manufacturers' requirements.


You can rely on us, because in the course of our work we pay attention to the recommendations of our European colleagues, working in strict compliance with the operating manuals from manufacturers. Our company is ready to offer you comprehensive support, starting with an accurate analysis of the current state of the lifting gears and possible optimization of processes, and ending with the safe use of your equipment. Our specialists will take over the part of the work related to the lifting equipment as your area of responsibility by offering individual maintenance and repair contracts.

Together we will improve the level of safety at your enterprise and ensure that your equipment is used economically and efficiently in the long term.


TAGGERT GROUP specialists organize and conduct training seminars on professional selection, safe operation, and decommissioning. Different topics include an overview of the Russian and European regulatory framework governing the operation of lifting equipment, terms and definitions, safe methods and slinging diagrams, discard criteria of lifting equipment and calculation of permissible load.


Regular inspection of lifting equipment includes measurements, visual inspection before the start of work, maintenance, and repair, which is carried out at least once a year. Every third year, the inspection should include magnetic crack detection. For a new product, it is necessary to have a card index (in Russia - product passport). The document must contain a description, identification, and a link to the certificate. The inspection schedule must be fixed. The condition of the lifting equipment and its components must be reflected in each inspection. If the damage is repaired information on all repairs and integrated components must be reflected in the product passport. All maintenance and repair works are documented.


Order of Rostecnadzor dated 12.11.2013 N 533 (ed. 12.04.2016) " On approval of Federal norms and regulations in the field of industrial safety " Regulations on the safety of hazardous industrial facilities where hoisting facilities are using.

GOST 33715-2015 "Cranes are hoisting. Removable load-carrying devices and containers. Exploitation."

Technical regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment";

Directive 2006/42/EC on the safety of machinery and equipment;

RD10-33-93 " General Purpose Slings - Requirements for Design and Safe Operation"


  • Chain slings, soft slings, wire rope slings

  • Chain hoists, ratchet lever hoists

  • Eye-bolts and lifting points

  • Shackles and rigging equipment;

  • Lifting clamps

  • Jacks


  • Audit of the safety of lifting devices and equipment (visual flaw detection, assessment of their performance and maintainability according to the sampling standards);

  • Inventory and compilation of lifting equipment, including electronics;

  • Checking for microcracks by magnetic crack detection;

  • Restoring the passports of the products;

  • Repairing equipment lifting and applying the necessary information with laser engraving;

  • Restoration of product tags;

  • Preparation of inspection certificates for lifting equipment and repair reports. 

Magnetic crack detection
Lifting gear inspection


Magnetic crack detection

Lifting gear inspection

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