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Сountry of origin Germany
Brand HTS
Use A jack for lifting loads
Working pressure 700 bar
Note Special parts are available upon request

Heavy-duty hydraulic jacks of the ECO-Jack® XR series do, compared with the ECO-Jack® S‑series, require an external 700 bar pump for operation. This facilitates and accelerates working in confined conditions and when using several jacks at the time. The compact design without a pump leads to a weight reduction of up to 30% and allows for easy handling for optimal use under extreme conditions. External pumps allow simultaneous operation on several ECO-Jack® XR-Series machine jacks by one person. The ECO-Jack® XR-Series has an integrated spring return system, which always returns the machine lifter automatically to the starting position.

Hydraulic lifting devices of the ECO-Jack® XR-Series are characterized by

  • The patented lifting claw - It ensures a safe lifting of the load and can be adjusted with one hand without tilting movement.
  • An integrated spring return system for automatic retraction of the lifting unit to the starting position.
  • A minimal self-weight - Improved construction and high-quality material have reduced weight by up to 30% compared to similar devices with a built-in hydraulic pump.
  • Precision milled guides made of high resistant and high quality material that guarantee precise lifting and lowering movements and a long service life.
  • Strong swiveling legs to secure the load to be lifted. Tilting of the machine lifter is prevented.
  • Hydraulic hose couplers - External pumps can be connected to the drip-free hydraulic nipple.
  • Side-mounted handles - are not over at the top and do not need to be removed when the top plate is used for lifting.
Type  EJ45-4XR
 EJ100-3XR  EJ150-3XR EJ230-3XR EJ300-3XR EJ500-3XR
Part number 01.300.31.01 01.500.31.01 
Capacity [kg]
4.500 10.000 15.000 23.000 30.000 50.000
Working pressure [bar]
700 700 700 700 700 700
Claw height [mm]
15 20 25 30 30 35
Adjustability [mm]
4 x 58 3 x 75 3 x 97 3 x 100 3 x 100 3 x 125
Stroke [mm]
133 129 155 155 155 155
Dimensions [mm]
183 x 228 x 252 219 x 277 x 250 245 x 331 x 316
269 x 392 x 330 269 x 392 x 330
375 x 544 x 405
Weight [kg]
16 25,5 44 61 62 167

For all areas of application in which the standard range is insufficient, we design special solutions that are individually tailored to the customer needs.

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