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Сountry of origin Great Britain
Brand Hylomar
Use Synthetic, semi-hardening jointing compound that has excellent gap filling properties
Appearance Thixotropic Red Gel
Colour Red
Temperature range From -50° C to + 180° C
Product Sizes 40 ml tube (blister card)

Hylomar Ltd manufactures a wide range of high performance sealants and adhesives used by many of the leading OEM’s in the world of automotive, aerospace, white goods, power generation/distribution, electronics/photonics and general engineering. Hylomar products are also widely used and respected in the automotive, aerospace and industrial aftermarkets with Hylomar Universal Blue and Hylomar M (Light, Medium, Heavy) being the leading non-setting gasket & jointing compounds in the world. Hylomar Aerograde, Aerograde Ultra and Advanced Formulation are specified by various aero-engine manufacturers; including Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. Hylomar Aerograde is also specified by NATO.

Hylotyte Red 100 is a synthetic, semi-hardening jointing compound that has excellent gap filling properties. After exposure to temperature the sealant will cure to form an elastomeric seal.

Hylotyte Red 100 is resistant to water, salt water, anti-freeze and synthetic oils.


  • Highly resistant to water
  • Based on new synthetic polymer technology
  • Forms an instant seal
  • Heat activated curing system
  • Excellent resistant to automotive fluids
  • Inhibits galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals

Typical applications

  • Sealing cooling systems such as water pumps, radiators and thermostat
  • Sealing sump and gearbox housing
  • Preventing galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Environmental seals, particularly those that may be exposed to salt water

Typical Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (ASTM D4659) 
Volatile Matter (MSRR 9055) Viscosity (Spindle 5 @2.5rpm) (BS 5350: Part B8)
Area covered by 40ml
Product coverage after drying
[mg / cm²]
0.90 - 0.95   40 - 44%
55,000 - 75,000 

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