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Сountry of origin Germany
Brand SpanSet
Purpose Fit most lifting applications
Safety factor 7:1
Core material High-performance polyester (LCP)
Hose material Polyester (PES) High-performance polyester (LCP)
Finishing Thermofixed
Norms EN 1492-2

Not even 40 cm long, but extremely strong

The characteristics of the Magnum-X sling, i.e. „very robust, compact and also extremely wear-resistant“, apply equally to the Magnum-X short, only with the addition of „extremely short“. In the standard lengths 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m, „our short one“ is even more user-friendly. Even a length of just 0.375 m is possible. The round sling with load capacities of 10 t to 30 t is available as standard.

All characteristics of the Magnum-X

The Magnum-X short, with a close-fitting sleeve and a side seam, boasts the same characteristics as the Magnum-X round sling (p. 31). The use of high-performance fibres in the sleeve and in the load-carrying core makes the Magnum-X round sling lighter and easier to handle than conventional slings. The material thickness under load is very small and is made for extreme applications. It allows the sling to fit more snugly against smaller edge radii than conventional round slings while maintaining the same load capacity, making work operations more efficient, faster and safer.

Standard fitting and accessories

The Magnum-X short, which is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1492-2, is fitted with an RFID chip as standard for electronic asset management, e.g. with IDXpert (p. 94 et seq.) and a particularly well-protected label displaying all relevant data. A large, signal-coloured patch also shows the respective load capacity details. Different protective sleeves are optionally available, which e. g. facilitates the use with extremely small edge radii and protects the round sling against damage.

Features and benefits:

  • Short version from 0.375 m to 2 m;
  • Tear-resistant sewn label with additional protective cover;
  • Fitted with an RFID chip to store the product data;
  • Extremely robust and compact round sling;
  • Signal-coloured patch with superior woven load capacity indication
Model Nominal lifting capacity
Strap thickness
Strap width
L1 min.
L1 max.
Approx. weight per running m
0,375 М
1,0 М
1,5 М
2,0 М
2,5 М
Magnum-X short 10000 10.000 10
55 1,0
<2 1,3 available upon request D048679 D048824 - -
Magnum-X short  20000
20.000 13 70 1,0
2,1 available upon request D048826 D048827 - -
Magnum-X short 300003 30.000 21 100 1,0 <2
available upon request D048829 D048830 D048831 D063337

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