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Сountry of origin Germany
Brand SpanSet
Purpose Fit most lifting applications
Safety factor 7:1
Core material High-performance polyester (LCP)
Hose material Polyester (PES) High-performance polyester (LCP)
Norms EN 1492-2

With the SpanSet high-performance round sling Magnum-X smart one can see straight away if the outer sleeve hose is damaged, as an additional outer sleeve for particularly hard and high-wear applications sets standards in terms of safety and operating efficiency.

Magnum-X with an additional outer sleeve

Essentially, the Magnum-X smart is comprised of two parts: The exceedingly robust outer sleeve, made of durable high-performance fibres, which can easily be replaced in the event of damage. Under the outer sleeve lies the actual load-bearing round sling with a sleeve hose, which is delivered in the flashy signal colour yellow. Thanks to this signal colour, the inner sleeve hose of the round sling is easy to see even with minor damages or minimal wear of the outer sleeve – an unmistakable sign that it is time to replace the outer sleeve

Cost-saving replaceability

In most cases, the actual round sling can still be repaired and continue to be used. When using the Magnum-X smart, this means not only a marked increase in safety, but also in operating efficiency, because a repair costs only a fraction of the purchasing price of a new round sling. The ability to replace the outer sleeves in a cost-saving manner also ensures a particularly long service life in high-wear applications, because the round sling can practically be considered brand new after the replacement. In addition, the Magnum-X smart offers the same advantages as the Magnum-X heavy-duty round sling.

Features and benefits:

  • Replaceable protective hose;
  • Immediate recognisability of damaged sleeve hoses in signal colours;
  • Tear-resistant sewn label with additional protective cover;
  • Fitted with an RFID chip to store the product data;
  • Extremely robust and compact round sling;
  • Signal-coloured patch with superior woven load capacity indication
Model Nominal lifting capacity
Strap thickness
Strap width
L1 min.
L1 max.
Approx. weight per running m
4,0 М
5,0 М
6,0 М
7,0 М
8,0 М
Magnum-X smart 20000 20.000 15
80 2,0
30 2,4 D045273 D045275 D045276 D047647 D045277
Magnum-X smart 30000
30.000 20 90 2,0
3,7 D045283 D045284 D045285 D047650 D045278
Magnum-X smart 40000
40.000 24 110 2,0 30 4,8
D045286 D045287 D045288 D047652 D045289

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