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Сountry of origin Germany
Brand SpanSet
Purpose Fit most lifting applications
Safety factor 7:1
Core material High-performance polyester (LCP)
Hose material Polyester (PES) High-performance polyester (LCP)
Finishing Thermofixed
Norms EN 1492-2

What is it?

The MagnumX roundslings are single endless lifting slings with a load bearing fibre core and outer protective sheave. They are all colour coded orange to indicate their lifting capacity. Working Load Limits range from 10 tonnes to 450 tonnes. They can be supplied in Effective Working Lengths of 2m to 60m from 10 tonnes; of 3.5m to 30m from 60 tonnes and of 8m to 30m above 150t. Their lifting capacity has a built in factor of safety of 7:11 against their minimum breaking strength. Roundslings are lightweight and easy.

What can it be used for? (Intended Function)

Roundslings are a lifting accessory used to form a connection between the crane hook and the load to be lifted. These roundslings have been designed and tested to be part of a lifting arrangement. Roundslings are a versatile item of lifting equipment that may be attached by a shackle or choked directly onto the load and used to suspend the load from the crane hook. As they are endless the bearing point can be altered giving even wear along their length. Roundslings can lift smooth faced objects without damage and are ideal where a choke lift is required. 

What can I use with it? (Compatibility)

This type of sling may be used with a bow shackle and it is recommended that the correct shackle is matched for use with the sling. This may be confirmed with SpanSet. The roundslings can be supplied with NoCut or Secutex protective sleeves to prevent damage to the sling and load. 

Who can use it? (Competence, Size and Adjustment)

All lifting operation should be carried out by a competent person who has been trained in the correct use of the equipment. If you are not sure how to correctly use your SpanSet roundsling you should contact SpanSet Training for advice. 

How long will it last? (Maintenance, Inspection and Lifespan)

The product has no maximum service-life. The condition of the product must be controlled in accordance with LOLER, this requires a thorough examination to be carried out at not more than six monthly intervals by a competent person. The competent person may impose a stricter inspection programme depending on the environment and conditions of use. A pre-use inspection should be conducte d p r i o r t o e a c h u s e . The lifespan may be reduced by the effects of any damage or wear and tear. All SpanSet roundslings carry unique serial numbers to enable identification for inspection and accurate traceability.

How has it been tested? (Relevant Standard and Quality Assurance)

 All SpanSet roundslings are CE marked under the Machinery Directive. The CE marking process includes type testing to EN1492-2:2000+A1 – Textile Slings, Safety. The SpanSet manufacturing process is quality controlled and audited by the British Standards Institute to the international standard for quality management ISO9001:2008. 

What is it made from and why? (Specification and Materials)

SpanSet roundslings are manufactured from a 100% high performance LCP fibre core, wound continuously together in the form of an endless sling. The core is protected by a combined polyester/LCP fibre tubular sleeve. The outer sleeving is entirely non-loadbearing and serves both to protect and consolidate the polyester core. In load capacities from 10t to 40t the roundsling has an elasticated outer sleeve and from 50t to 125t a woven outer sleeve. Above 125t the outer sleeve is a woven side seam sleeve.

Additional SpanSet MagnumX Features

Colour coded indicator patch with a superior woven high visibility load capacity indication. The sling capacity is always legible even in the dirtiest of conditions. Special ribbed profile - made of high performance polyester fibre in the outer sleeve gives 3 times better wearresistance . Extreme compact design - up to 50% narrower than conventional heavy duty roundslings. Provides improved handling, lower weight and no crowding in smallercranehooks. Tear resistant label - label cannot be ripped out from the sling and has an additional protective sheave plus RFID tag for use with IDXpertNet inspection software.

What paperwork is supplied? (Product Records and Information)

Multilingual instructions with care and use directions. Each sling or batch of slings is supplied with a European Declaration of Conformity identifying the serial no. or numbers of the slings . This forms the ‘birth certificate’ for the equipment and should be retained. It is valid for 12 months, after which time the sling must undergo a thorough inspection. If put into use within the first 12 months the sling is subject to the 6 monthly inspections from date of first use (see overleaf). Pocket Safe Lifting Guide – available on request, this simple to follow pocket card identifies the safe working loads under different modes of use in addition to key areas requiring inspection. The same guide is also available as a poster for the workshop.

What training is required? (Competency)

Although in itself the roundsling is a simple item to use, all people carrying out lifting operations should have the appropriate level of training. Training is available for lifting at the SpanSet training facility in Middlewich or subject to suitability on a site of your choice: Use – Training Module 1 Safe Slinging and Lifting Appreciation followed by Module 2 Practical Lifting and Slinging Beneath the Hook. Inspection and Maintenance – Training Module 1 and Module 4 Lifting Equipment Inspection & Record Keeping. 

Product Description

Magnum-X sets benchmark in convenience, safety and durability – all with a load capacity of up to 450 t

A core made of high-performance polyester and the compact sleeve hose make the Magnum-X sling up to 50% slimmer than comparable heavy-duty round slings, while maintaining the same load capacity. Even in small crane hooks and in attachment points the round sling is not compressed and exhibits high longitudinal and transverse rigidity. The reduced creasing of the sleeve hose in the crane hook and on the load markedly improves the wear performance.

A signal-coloured patch with interwoven load capacity indication also ensure that the sling is easy to recognise even at a distance and when heavily soiled.

The label, which is ad- ditionally protected with a transparent cover, is tear-resistant. An RFID transponder that enables storage of the product data is integrated in the label and facilitates e.g. regular inspections.

Features and benefits:

  • X-tremely compact. The innovative construction with a high performance polyester fiber and a compact protective cover partially woven with the same material make the Magnum-X up to 50% slimmer than comparable roundslings with the same load bearing capacity. At the same time, it produces greater stiffness within the sling along both axis. The roundsling is not bunched even in smaller crane hooks and attachment points and it is easy to suspend the sling overhead.
  • X-actly identifiable. The Magnum-X has an extra sleeve with a raised, woven-in load capacity indicator – a safety feature that has proved to be a success. The load capacity is clearly identifiable even from a distance and in the dirtiest conditions. Confusing the roundslings is therefore effectively avoided, protecting people and material from accidents.
  • X-tremely wear resistant. The outer protective cover is reinforced with an extremely abrasion and tear resistant high performance polyester. In addition, the special design reduces the formation of bunching at the attachment point, which again significantly improves the wear behavior. The Magnum-X exhibits the greatest reliability and longest durability even under the harshest operating conditions – an economic factor you can count on.
  • X-actly verifiable. The label, with a clear sleeve, is tear resistant and attached to a sleeve, which is sewn firmly onto the outer protective cover. Integrated into this is an RFID transponder for storing the product data and indelibly identifying the sling. The Magnum-X is ideally protected from identity and data loss. This guarantees a long operating time and makes it easier to store data for the inspection service.
  • X-tremely resilient. The new, high performance fiber has a significantly greater capacity. Consequently, less material is needed in the fabric, which makes the Magnum-X up to 50% lighter than conventional roundslings. With the same load capacity, the Magnum-X can be laid against tighter edge radii than conventional polyester slings. Work becomes more efficient, quicker and safer.
  • X-tremely protected. Even better protection for the Magnum-X is provided on sharp corners and edges by the newly designed secutex® clip protective sleeving, which is reinforced with high performance polyester. The new secutex® clip protective sleeving provides optimum protection for the Magnum-X and thereby guarantees the highest level of safety and long operating life.

Model Nominal lifting capacity
Strap thickness
Strap width
L1 min.
L1 max.
Approx. weight per running m
4,0 М
5,0 М
6,0 М
7,0 М
8,0 М
Magnum-X 10000 10.000 12
65 2,0
30 0,9 D031023 D031029 D031030 D031031 D031032
Magnum-X 20000
20.000 19 67 2,0
1,8 D030910 D030911 D030912 D030913 D030914
Magnum-X 25000
25.000 19 85 2,0 30 2,4
D061947 D057505 D061948 D061949 D061950
Magnum-X 30000 30.000 25
90 2,0
2,9 D061947 D030918 D030919 D030920 D030921
Magnum-X 40000 40.000 25 105 3,0
3,9 D030924 D030925 D030926 D030927 D030928
Magnum-X 50000 50.000 19 146 3,0
30 5,2 D031666 D031667 D031668 D031669 D031670
Magnum-X 60000 60.000 21 173 3,5
7,1 D031673 D031674 D031675 D031676 D031677
Magnum-X 80000 80.000 24 192 3,5
9,4 D031680 D031681 D031682 D031683 D031684
Magnum-X 100000 100.000 35 227 3,5
13,6 D031687 D031688 D031689 D031690 D031691
Magnum-X 125000 125.000 39 300 6,0
30 18,7 D031694 D031697 D031698 D031699 D031700
Magnum-X 150000 150.000 51 280 8,0
30 20,0 D031703 D031704 D031705 D031706 D031707
Magnum-X 200000 200.000 49 284 8,0
30 20,0  - -
available upon request
Magnum-X 300000 300.000 81
330  8,0 30 43,1  - -
available upon request
Magnum-X 450000 400.000  79 330 8,0  30  43,1  -  - - - available upon request

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