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Сountry of origin Germany
Purpose Lashing means
Steel grade Grade 100
Safety factor 2:1
Finish RAL 5002
Testing 100% Magnetic crack tested
Note Other lengths available on request

The grade 100 lashing chains with ratchet and shortenable lashing chain TWN 1411 have a standard length of 3,5 m and are used in the heavy-duty area for lashing loads in road traffic. The chain tensioners with ratchet and trapezoidal thread achieves a high pretensioning force with little force impact. This property is of fundamental importance when lashing down, as the level of the pretensioning force contributes to load securing. The manufacturing and testing requirements are based on the DIN EN 12195-3, under consideration of grade 100 lashing forces. 

Load Securing Device

Lashing chains are elements best suited for securing of loads. They offer major advantage because their working capacity is known which allows an exact calculation of the securing of load.

For standard lashing chains exclusively shortlink round steel chains to DIN EN 818-2 or PAS 1061 must be used. Longlink round steel chains are to be used for log transportation only. 

In the interest of your own as well as public safety, exclusively use the shortening elements according to DIN EN 1677-1 for the shortening of a lashing chain offered and aproved by the chain manufacturer. If using self-made shorteners, the capacity of the lashing device can no longer be granted. 

When using lashing hooks, all safety requirements according to DIN EN 1677-2 are observed (hook with safety latch) and taken into consideration. 

Connecting and shortening parts must have devices preventing them from unintensional release. 

Screw tensioners must have a safety device (securing of screw removal) against unintensional release. 

Multi purpose ratchet hoists must also meet EN 13157 requirements.

The complete Lashing Chain to DIN EN 12195-3 consists of:

Load Securing Devices Tensioning Elements Connecting Elements
Identification Tags
Round steel chains Tighteners, Tensioners, Multi purpose ratchet hoists Hooks, Shackles, Chain shorteners, End-links Metal tags

The Lashing Chain with Ratchet TWN 1411 with standard length L = 3.500 mm with extended tensioner and unshortened chain complies with DIN EN 12195-3. The length adjustment is achieved by the shortening device and the tensioner. All lengths are available upon request.

Art.№ Trade size Normal straight load [daN] min
13-10 34183R 13.000 21,00

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